Top Clips April

This month, we start out with something completely new. A guy designed an animation for a record player. He plays the audio track, and remixes it ‘live’. No computer intervention, just two turntables, two camera’s, a video mixer and a beamer (setup here).

Stop motion animation is everywhere, but this one is extra special; the color palette is so harmonious.

Client’s often ask me, what a good length for a explanatory movie is. Of course there is no answer for this question but “As long as it’s interesting to watch.” These guys however, show the opposite. They compress a lot of information in only one minute, although I would have loved for it to continue…

Look at this super cool classic title sequence of boogie nights (only found an italian version on youtube). The intro is a single take shot, and it takes about 3 minutes. If you want to hear why and what about the shot, watch it with directors comment.

I’m starting to suspect there will never be a ‘Top Clips’ edition without a skateboard clips. Either these guys are on the top of their game, or they have to much time on their hands. Once more, very innovative and crafty. Secondly they also produced a simple yet funny western clip.


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