What do you need? Maybe just a simple videoreport or a photoshoot. Those jobs don’t need a lot of preparation. But let’s say you need something more elaborate.

Our team starts out by defining the goal. What should the movie convey? A feeling? A strong message? Now my challenge is to present you with a creative approach, to take the concept out of the ordinary. If you like the proposal, we start writing a production guideline, which can be a storyboard, a script, mood-board or just a planning, depending on what’s needed.

Get those camera’s out!

In this phase the concept starts to form, we go out and actually shoot all the required interviews, action, or drama, and design the animations. We work with a wide range of apps for animation and cameras for film, from simple Super8 mm to RED-cinema-cameras. Curious about how we do this? Watch the ‘behind the scenes’ from our project for The Hague Sportsgala.

It all comes together

When all the required puzzle pieces are collected, we start to shape the edit. We’ll present you a draft version as soon as possible. This requires some imagination from your side, because sound, colours & voiceovers are not final yet. But it gives a good impression of the pacing and the mood of the film. We take your feedback and turn the draft into a final film. We don’t stop until every tiny detail is correct.
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