• Flip the Switch – ABB

    Estonia is the first country in the world to build a nationwide charging infrastructure for electric cars. ABB provides the fastchargers that make this possible. I travelled to Estonias capital Tallinn, to shoot this promo in a period of 5 days. Production in cooperation with Shortfilms.

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  • DemoReel

    Do you need to speed things up? Tell a crystal clear story within minutes or even seconds? Or do you want to make a better connection with your audience?

    By turning your story into a remarkable short film, you will gain credibility.
    Give your business some motion!

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  • Schaatsen

    A long period of cold in the Netherlands. The whole country was excited about ice skating possibilities. I went out with my camera to see how to document the special feeling.

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  • The Dress I Made Finale

    After one year of making and wearing only her self made cloths, Renske shows her last dresses she made in this ‘grande finale’ of her blog thedressimade.com
    Film was shot in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. All shot on the RED epic. Most of it at 300 fps. We shot this at the end of a shooting day, since we were so eager to test the camera out at it’s higher framerates.

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  • Surf Maroc

    Together with Ben Streek I traveled to Morocco, to the surfersvillage of Taghazoute. We surfed, filmed and edited the clip over a period of 11 days, during non of which the waves were high enough to show the surfing-potential of the place. That’s why this edit contains 5 or 6 shots from the video-archive of Surf Maroc.

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  • !SYOU Sneakers

    The footage of this video was shot in Burkino Faso, and Amsterdam, by two different camera teams (and two different formats).
    I had the task to blend them together in a short edit, explaining the sneaker brand and communicating their co-creation workflow.

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  • Afslag Ewoud

    In 2010 we, it would be awesome to produce a real movie. We called the project .mov since the content of the film was undefined, but the project was precisely planned. We would work with a big group of volunteers, all harvested through social media. In one week we would write, record and mix a short film. After a week of practically no sleep we ended up with a lovely short of 15 minutes: “Afslag Ewoud”. During the week, people could follow our progression through a live report at a special .mov website.

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  • MoneyMedic

    A short 1 minute animation to explain the free financial administration service. Together with illustrator Floris Wiegerinck, we came up with a short animation for the young entrepreneurs. Goal was to tell a clear story, but tell it with some casualty.

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Recent Work

  • Haags Sportgala 2014

    Haags Sportgala 2014

    Haags Sportgala 2014 Our annual job to showcase the nominees for the event Sportgala, 6 video’s in total.

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  • Een kelder vol planken

    Een kelder vol planken

    Woody Cookie kitesurffilm ‘Een kelder vol planken’ 11 min. Website: www.woodycookie.com Description: Almost two years in the making I followed the dutch kiteboard shaper. Bram is a real pioneer. From his basement he develops on wide range of products to shape the future of this young sport. The docu was first screened at F.A.S.T. in Scheveningen, the dutch surf capital.

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  • Innovatie Conferentie

    Innovatie Conferentie

    Innovatie Conferentie Website:www.acti-nl.org/nl/innovatieconferentie Description: For the Innovation Conference 2014, held in the ‘Ridderzaal’ I produced introduction videos for 9 of the speakers. We combined 3 speakers in one video per theme. Production was quite a challenge, collecting footage in all part of the Netherlands, and dealing with very busy agenda’s.

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  • Herman Wijffels Innovatieprijs 2014

    Herman Wijffels Innovatieprijs 2014

    Herman Wijffels Innovatieprijs Rabobank Website:www.rabobank.nl/innovatieprijs/a> Description: Aftermovie for the Herman Wijffels Innovatie Prijs 2014.

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  • Wabco Optiflow

    Wabco Optiflow

    Wabco Optiflow Website:www.wabco-auto.com Description: Animation for the new Optiflow solution by WABCO, Germany

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  • Scheveningen ± 22 Knots

    Scheveningen ± 22 Knots

    Scheveningen ± 22 Knots Website: featured on www.hanglos.nl Description: I was on the beach on 11 of August filming for the cleanup campaign of ‘stichting Noordzee’ . I decided to stick around and film some missing footage for an upcoming documentary (Woody Coockie, released soon). I spend the rest of the afternoon filming kitesurfers and windsurfers, enjoying and admiring both disciplines equally. Shot on SONY FS700, with 24-105 mm F4 Canon and 70-200 F4 Canon.

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  • Rabobank Circular Economies

    Rabobank Circular Economies

    Rabobank Circular Economies Website:www.rabobank.nl.nl Description: 1 of 4 corporate videos for Rabobank Duurzaamheid. Impression of the workshop combined with customer interviews. All interviews we’re shot during coffee breaks to have minimum impact on the workshop itself.

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  • Ledwork Interactive Lighting

    Ledwork Interactive Lighting

    Ledwork Interactive Lighting Website: www.ledwork.org Description: This products is launched to be sold in The Greenvillage Store. To promote this, we produced this commercial, using the time-lapse technique. It was quite a challenge, to work on this, since the lamps we’re in prototype-phase during the video production, sometimes malfunctioning just before completing an entire time-lapse.

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  • Foresight Streaming

    Foresight Streaming

    Foresight Streaming – Blauw Research Website: www.blauw.com/ Description: Explanimation for Blauw Research to show their new service to predict the future. Style and drawings were done in close cooperation with Andre Weenink.

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  • Casa Eric & Yoga

    Casa Eric & Yoga

    Casa Eric & Yoga Website:/www.casa-erica.com/ Description: Flew in from Amsterdam to Malaga do a combined shoot of film and photography for a german yoga retreat in a beachside Villa called ‘Casa Erica’. Finally I can say that our highs cool lessons of English, Dutch, German and French pay off. It helps a lot doing interviews in foreign languages. The project was produced and edited by Shortfilms

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  • Haags Goud

    Haags Goud

    Haags Goud Website: www.denhaagtopsport.nl Description: The Hague has much to offer for demanding top athletes. In this promo, we show beach volley, kitesurfing, and soccer, on top level. Featuring Katja Roose (kitesurfing) team Brouwer-Meeuwsen (beach volley) and Tom Beugelsdijk (soccer).

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  • Founded in Delft – YES!Delft

    Founded in Delft – YES!Delft

    Founded in Delft – YES!Delft Website: www.yesdelft.nl/ Description: Almost 70% of the YES!Delft companies’ business is done abroad. Their annual research points out that our entrepreneur’s are very active internationally. This power piece shows the world wide impact of 4 of the YES!Delft Startups.

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  • Discover your talent

    Discover your talent

    Discover your Talent (dutch) Website: www.bekijkjetoekomstnu.nl Description: Together with Sep Schaffers, I co-produced a series of 11 video’s about teenagers facing the challenge of finding their future job and talent. The first 10 video’s show what skills and tasks are involved when doing a specific internship. We tried to mix factual information with individual personalities, and humor in order to cover the delicate topic of career opportunities versus dreams. The last video with rapper and rap-teacher Umit C serves as […]

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  • Haags Sportgala 2013

    Haags Sportgala 2013

    Haags Sportgala 2014 Website: www.denhaag.nl Description: For this years Haags Sportgala presented us (Me & Bureau KP visueell) with a problem: How do we let 3 nominees per category battle, if we can’t get their agendas together? We decided to invite them all into our studio and edit them together in a mixture of battles. Each nominee got a specific lighting scheme to match their sport best, making them visually stand out. We tried to portray them as superheros. Now […]

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  • Start Uiterwaardevergraving

    Start Uiterwaardevergraving

    Start Uiterwaardevergraving Website: www.ruimtevoorderivier.nl Description: Minister Schultz from Infrastructure & Environment visited Arnhem to start the official activities for creating one of the biggest riverparks in Europe. Videoreport.

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    NOTS – Blue Charcoal Website: www.nots.nl/blue Description: You can’t change a whole continent in a day. But you can start small, by improving the existing situation. That’s why we made a short clip explaining the business model to introduce ‘Blue Charcoal’ in Sub-Saharan countries. The clip featured: TED-X Amsterdam Awards – Springtij Festival, the annual gathering for the Dutch sustainability community

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  • Rijkswaterstaat – Ruimte voor de Rivier

    Rijkswaterstaat – Ruimte voor de Rivier

    Rijkswaterstaat – Ruimte voor de Rivier Website: www.ruimtevoorderivier.nl Description: Rijkswaterstaat initiated a program called ‘Space for the River’ (Ruimte voor de Rivier). In a series of 8 episodes we explain the project ‘Meinerswijk’ and show highlights to the inhabitants of Arnhem. This series will consist of 8 episodes total:

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  • Atmosys


    Atmosys – Vito Website: www.vito.be/ Description: Neatly integrating 3D animation in a 2D style, we used a simplified visual style to explain a technical problem/solution. We wanted to integrate the 3D parts as subtle as possible. Here are some shots of the work in process:

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  • SP Gelderland Animations

    SP Gelderland Animations

    SP – Animations Website: gelderland.sp.nl Description: I was asked to help out Chris Karthaus (production) with some of his animation work for SP Gelderland. Take a close look at how the people in this animation bounce up and down. I’m most proud of that part of my input, the rest was just good old animation-labour.

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  • KPN Animations

    KPN Animations

    KPN – Animations Website: kpn.com Description: Under the tight yet wonderful supervision of Floos (production) I animated a few corporate explanimations for KPN, the royal dutch telecom company.

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  • Students who give a shift

    Students who give a shift

    Gemeente Den Haag – Students who give a shift Website: www.giveashift.nl Description: Short report about a campaign ‘The Students who give a shi(f)t’: a festival for students from The Hague to motivate them to voluntary work. The result of the campaign:

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  • Heart of IKEA

    Heart of IKEA

    Heart of IKEA – Almhult Website: www.IKEA.com Description: Janine was invited to travel to Sweden to visit the heart of IKEA. I followed her on her trip and produced a movie per day. Which combined resulted in a 12 minute doc. More can be found in this blogpost.

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  • History of the Electric Car

    History of the Electric Car

    E-laad Foundation – History of the Electric Car Website: Elaad.nl Description: This animation tells the history of the rise of the Electric Car. The animation is build up with both graphical and Photographical elements, giving it a nice ‘collage’ style. You can see here how it was made:

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  • Surf Maroc – Surf Camp

    Surf Maroc – Surf Camp

    Surf Maroc – Surf Camp Website: Surf Maroc Description: Over a period of 11 days we we’re guests at Surf Maroc Surf Camp in Taghazoute, Morocco. We tried to capture the vibe that hangs around the place, when big swell hits the pointbreaks. Many thanks to all the surfers that we’re willing to feature in this production.

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